Rosetta Store

Our History

The current owners, Janine and Chester Willcock, have owned the business since February 2008 while the daily management is shared between Janine and eldest son Dean.

A total refurbishment of the shop equipment was completed within the first two years and success at the annual Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition and joining the IGA Xpress group in 2010 helped to boost the profile of Rosetta Store & Bakery.

Further success was achieved during 2011 by being awarded the Tasmanian IGA Xpress Retailer of the Year.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing a range of products and a level of service that promotes loyalty and passion in both customers and staff. This is achieved by constantly reviewing and improving processes and policy.

A place where customers are welcomed and valued and therefore willing to continue to enjoy their shopping experience with us in the future.

A place where staff are valued and rewarded for their efforts to provide excellent customer service and developing a co-operative and harmonious team atmosphere.

We believe this commitment will create an environment for sustainable employment, business growth and pride in the local community.

Our Culture

The spirit of the business is built on cultural elements that inspire and inform how we go about our duties. The essence of this culture includes:

  • a culture of excellence- always seeking continuous improvement;
  • a culture of service- genuinely committed to serving others;
  • a culture of creativity- embracing innovation and inspiration;
  • a culture of teamwork- respecting and recognising each persons skills;
  • a culture of fairness- demonstrating honesty and integrity;
  • a culture of learning- ensuring people achieve their full potential;
  • a culture of fun- enthusiastically and passionately loving what we do;
  • a culture of community- appreciating our people and benifiting our community¬†¬†