Rosetta Store

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We are sometimes asked, “Where do you get these from?” when people scan the vast array of goodies in our display cabinets. We take great pride in letting everyone know that it's all made on site by our fantastic team.

Fancy a fresh cream chocolate eclair; a smooth vanilla slice; your favourite custard tart or a delicious Bavarian Puff? How about a hedgehog slice; even a wagon wheel like you really remember; what colour eyes would you choose on your smiley face?

Special occasion cakes and cheesecakes to cater for a dinner party or a large gathering. Look out for the Easter and Christmas treats that will delight you.

Try an award winning pie – single or family size. Quiches for a quick snack or a gourmet picnic. Why not a sausage roll snack?

Combine the treats with a selection from our bread range (again baked in house) and our IGA Xpress supermarket offer to provide for any taste and occasion.

Feeling hungry? Visit us or try our online shop.

Fun Stuff

As well as our great bakery and grocery store we love to have fun. We bet you can't stop smiling after taking a look at our YouTube library. Try this sample of the final episode of our Easter series here...